SMALL Actions Make BIG differences Especially in First Aid

Life Savers

Think ‘Life Saver’ and what images are conjured up? Fearless Avengers? Super humans in flapping red cloaks able to overcome all obstacles? Or perhaps you see closer to home… the men and women in green overalls racing to the scene or those in white uniforms of our frontline emergency services? Think again..we meet ordinary people with just basic skills who have met life and death scenarios with quiet courage.

Michelle, a young administrator, had just completed part 1 of our Emergency First Aid at Work training course which included basic life saving and CPR skills. Later that week she saw a lady collapse in Belfast beside her elderly husband and without hesitation applied her new skill resulting in a prompt, effective response. As she came in for part 2 of our training she described how the husband had hugged her and thanked her for caring. She also described how many others had simply walked by or stood staring. What would you have done?

First Aid at Work

Harry, from Antrim, has been a First Aider at work for 20 years in a high risk environment. He has recently been on the receiving end of CPR as his work colleagues managed to resuscitate him after an electrical shock at work. Now he volunteers to build CPR skills in the community. His gratitude is immense as you can imagine.

The truth is that many life savers look like the person in YOUR mirror. First aid training is one of the most empowering courses you can do. As you become more aware of the small things required at a time of emergency you will begin to realize how very simple actions can help change the outcomes.

Having seen the raw courage of people acting on their learning and being able to point at the measurable lifesaving outcomes has been an energizing factor in my role as a nurse and first aid training provider for years. Having conversations in refresher classes with those who have unexpectedly found themselves in the role of ‘life saver’ is a great reward, the quiet heroes who made a massive difference between life and death.

A recent First Aid at Work trainee described how her father had died in her living room as she tried to learn CPR from her 999 call handler. Her distress was palpable. She wanted to learn first aid skills so that she would NEVER feel so helpless in that situation again. Beside her sat a mother whose 19 year old son had collapsed at home requiring her to perform CPR . Thankfully, her employer had provided access to first aid training for staff and she was able to act promptly ~ he is now at university complete with his new pacemaker!

First aid training is as much about inspiring the CONFIDENCE to act as it is about ensuring COMPETENCE.

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