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Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

This course teaches staff the essentials of dealing with vulnerable adults and those open to abuse.

Duration: 3 Hours
Who should attend? This course is ideal for staff who care for or deal with vulnerable adults. Delegates are required to have a sound understanding of English to be able to cope with the type of information being explored.
Location: Venue or In-house
Course content:
  • Who is vulnerable? Who abuses? Where can abuse happen?
  • Relevant legislation and guidance
  • Factors which may increase vulnerability
  • Types of abuse and possible indicators
  • Rights of vulnerable adults
  • Responding to abuse
  • Dealing with disclosures
  • Reporting – duty to report
  • Reporting – making a written record
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Scenarios – discussion
Assessment and certification

There will be continuous assessment of theory and understanding by the trainer and a proof of learning written assessment at the end of the course.

Delegates will receive a ‘Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults’ certificate on completion, valid for a maximum of three years.

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